Visiting Info:

Hòfi Pastor is open from 9.00 to 16.00. Closed on thursdays. Entrance fee is NAFL 5.00.
For guided hikes with groups in the park and long hikes to the rough northern seacoast, call us on 5999- 7373965. To get there take the road to West Punt. In the village of Barber you'll find Hòfi Pastor next to the Big yellow Roman Catholic Church, just before an area of trees lining both sides of the road.

Butterflies alight on beautiful flowers, iguanas peer from lush vegetation. Harmless and colorful snakes,wild donkeys and small hawks, all indigenous to Curaçao, call Hòfi Pastor their home. From dawn to dusk, this fragrant orchard teems with life. The guardian of of this mighty kapok, as well as the carefully maintained trails and fruit laden trees, is "Friends of the Earth Curaçao" or "Amigu Di Tera". Amigu Di Tera will will accompany you on hikes while imparting wisdom on Hòfi Pastor's vegetation and wildlife, and history (the name means "Priest's Orchard" and the park is part of a Catholic parish with a church that celebrates the Sunday Mass. What are Amigu Di Tera dreams for the park? "We hope we can continue to keep Hòfi Pastor as a protected area; one that will always be green, where the trees will always bear fruit... so that everyone, especially small children, can have the opportunity of experiencing the wonders of nature".


At Hòfi Pastor lives a giant Kapok, a silk-cotton tree that is widely cultivated in tropical regions for its fiber. However, the one holding court here has unique shape unlike any other in the world. This distinctive tree was brought to Curaçao over 400 years ago by the Caiquetios, a tribe of peaceful Arawak Indians who fled a fiercer tribe in Venezuela. Tall, with a gigantic trunk and a sensual, capricious form, it thrives to this day and produces soft, billowy cotton that completely blankets the forest floor. Visitors look up in awe as each twist and turn of this mighty trunk whisper of its marvelous past. Yes, there is a paradise, right here on Curaçao. And not to worry, Amigu di Tera will protect it, as one can find out by following the next link:

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